“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison

45 New & Outstanding Ideas for Dissertation Topics

What criteria should you use to find the best topic for your paper? Finding a good essay topic ranks top among the tips for acing your essay. However, many students have reported a challenge with selecting the best topic for their dissertation. 

What is a good dissertation topic? To begin with, a good essay topic allows you to prepare a quality essay within the available time and resources. 

In this article, we will highlight the criteria for choosing a dissertation topic and highlight some dissertation title examples to guide you in topic selection. Also if you need some matlab homework help dont hesitate to call professionals.

How to pick a dissertation topic

The online platform brims with dissertation topic ideas and platforms offering consultation in topic selection. Regardless of these aids, most students struggle with picking a dissertation topic that will allow them to adequately cover the assigned dissertation question.

Some of the tips we recommend for finding a good dissertation title include: 

  • Work on a topic you love

Although writing a dissertation is obligatory, you should not condemn yourself to a topic that does not inspire motivation. Although this may seem like a necessary evil to ensure the completion of your paper, it may result in procrastination and hesitation in handling your research.

Conversely, a topic you love will motivate you to research as it scratches your curiosity. This motivation will help you keep on track with your goals and cover ample research for a quality argument.

  • Engage your peers

Limiting your topic selection to personal choice may result in the selection of a vague research paper or an exhausted topic. Engaging peers will help broaden your perspective and gauge the feasibility of your paper with the available resources.

Preferably, consult experts in dissertation writing as they are more adept with paper writing and can gauge the breadth of your topic and recommend current issues relating to your topic. 

  • Review the available resources

Often, your tutor will allocate you with a general topic, leaving you with the onus of selecting a specific idea that can be sated within the prescribed word count. Before narrowing down your dissertation title, consult various materials to establish how well the topic can be addressed.

While at this, check on how deeply the topic has been exhausted and avoid topics that have been covered in multiple existing pieces of research. Examples of general topics may be drug abuse, health policies, and marketing approaches.

  • Check the requirements

A common trap for students is rushing into writing the dissertation as soon as they get the essay question. Although this sprint may seem like a great way to beat the deadline, it has multiple detrimental impacts on a student’s performance. 

It would be best for you to take time and check the requirements provided and recognize various restrictions, ensuring the relevance of your paper. As such, take time to read the dissertation question and jot various requirements down for guidance as you write your dissertation. 

  • Think of a specific topic

After gauging the available material, jot down various ideas that could be handled within the scope of the general topic. When doing this, ensure that your topic can be covered within the required word count.

You may specify your topic as: 

Drug abuse – Drug abuse among teenagers – Drug abuse with depression among young adults

Marketing approaches – social media marketing – strategies for social media marketing 

Note: Always settle for a trending topic that has not been exhausted in multiple papers. This will broaden your arguments and reduce the risk of plagiarism. 

  • Determine the relevance of the topic

The dissertation topic that you select should fill a gap in your field, instill social change and solve a real-life problem in the field of study. 

How to find a dissertation topic

Finding the best dissertation topics proves a daunting task for many students. With tons of topics to select from, you’re bound to be confused about the best idea for your dissertation. 

Some of the tips to help you find a good dissertation topic include:

  • Select your area of study

List the topics you have encountered in the course of your study program and determine the ideas you can merge to best address the dissertation question. This will help you analyze the feasibility of various ideas, helping you settle for a quality dissertation topic. 

  • Narrow your choices down

Broad dissertation topics are easy to confuse you as they comprise multiple arguments that cannot be covered within the provided word count. As such, narrow your topic down to address a popular debate in your field. 

However, be keen to avoid shallow topics that have been exhausted and also those which can be covered without meeting the prescribed word count. 

  • Address a popular problem in your niche

Engage various journals and publications in your field to find some of the burning questions within your field of study. You may also look at Wikipedia to determine the resources that are related to your topic, improving the scope of your argument. 

Compelling dissertation topic examples

Solid accounting dissertation topics

  1. Analyzing risk management in project accounting
  2. A study of country risk and management approaches
  3. Taxation for freelance work. An analysis for fair taxation of freelancers
  4. Analyzing loopholes and possible remedies for the USA taxation system
  5. What to consider before investing in a financial market
  6. An ethical analysis on the exemption of tac for NGOs
  7. A critical analysis of various approaches to financial accounting 

Business dissertation topics

  1. The impact of AI tools on business decision making
  2. How social media impacts consumer behavior and steps to employ SMM 
  3. Analyzing the role of influencers in promoting brand acceptance
  4. A case study on traditional and online marketing strategies
  5. Impacts of various leadership strategies on business success
  6. Initiatives to protect small businesses

Outstanding dissertation topics in law

  1. Business laws against corruption and tax malpractices in corporations
  2. Analyzing advertising law and its limitations
  3. International law and its implementation in addressing Qatar’s human rights issues
  4. Differences in male and female rape legislation
  5. A case study on the history and reforms of the death penalty
  6. Analyzing the impact of US military presence in Iraq
  7. When is a country legally capable of intervening in another country’s affairs

List of dissertation topics in higher education

  1. Analyzing the impact of the internet on the worldwide quality of education
  2. How can virtual reality be employed in pedagogical approaches?
  3. How to monitor a teacher’s proficiency in light of the increasing technological advancements
  4. A case study on the prevention of crisis in the financial market
  5. Impact of Covid-19 in education. How to avert the consequences in case of another outbreak
  6. The future of education after the Covid-19 pandemic

Great psychology dissertation topics

  1. Approaches for preventing occupational stress amid the Covid-19 pandemic 
  2. How to curb the increasing rates of depression among young adults
  3. How Covid-19 has impacted various age groups
  4. Do video games affect the social attitudes of children?
  5. Is social media a source if of insecurities and anxiety among the youth? Can social media be compared to drug addiction?
  6. Analyzing the impact of lying on one’s mental health
  7. A case study on the level of educational attainment and personal motivation

Public administration dissertation topics

  1. Analyzing the role of public policy on child and marital violence
  2. Methods of increasing the engagement of people in social welfare
  3. Role of public administration in animal rights protection
  4. Impact of racial differences in the implementation of police procedures
  5. A critical analysis of the administrative morality of the USA
  6. Benefits of employee unions in policy administration

Interesting social media thesis topics

  1. Analyzing the role of social media in promoting societal immorality
  2. Impact of social media on business operations
  3. Steps to curb cyberbullying and exposure of minors to adult content
  4. Is learning convenient through social media? Analyzing the impacts of social media on education
  5. Impacts of social media on the human brain
  6. Are online interactions slowly phasing out face-to-face engagements?