Dissertation Format Guide: the Essentials

We don’t need to tell you how difficult it is to write dissertations. You probably already know this, but you may just be beginning to tackle this difficult and tedious task. While you may be an expert at writing and researching the content for your dissertation, do you know the essential guidelines for writing a dissertation? There are strict guidelines regarding how to format your paper. Academic writing requires that you adhere to certain standards. Learn all about the requirements for a dissertation format to ensure you don’t get penalized if you make minor mistakes.

Why correct dissertation formatting is essential

All academic writing guidelines must be followed when writing your thesis. Your paper could be rejected if it doesn’t conform to the relevant academic writing guidelines. You don’t have to risk it. All you need to do is read our guidelines for thesis writing and follow them to avoid any penalties. Writing a thesis is more complicated than simply formatting the paper correctly, so custom dissertation writing services can be of great help. We have prepared 3 lists of requirements for dissertation writing. You can print these lists and follow the steps to ensure that each requirement is met. A dissertation guide is not difficult to create. You will also find the complete list of style guidelines for dissertation writing at end of the post.

Spacing, margins, and page layout for dissertation fonts

When you are writing your dissertation, it is important to consider the fonts, spacing and margins as well as page layout. These are the guidelines you should follow when formatting your thesis.

  1. Font size should be between 11 and 12 points. This size should be maintained throughout your dissertation, with the exception of the title which can go up to 16 points.
  2. Black fonts are preferred (Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri are the best fonts), Highlight areas with a different color but use a black font.
  3. With the exception of long quotations, all dissertations should be double-spaced.
  4. For all elements of your thesis, you should use one-inch margins for the right, top, and bottom. Depending on the binding method, the left margin should not exceed one inch
  5. Only the page number should be in the header and footer. Running heads should not be used. Other page layout requirements are not required.

The dissertation rules aren’t as strict as you might think. Let’s discuss the paper that you will need and the binding requirements.

Thesis paper and binding requirements

Here are the guidelines for dissertation binding and paper type:

  1. You must submit a bound copy if you have to (e.g., when you place an embargo in your thesis). This bond paper is 20- or 24 pounds and made from 100% cotton.
  2. Watermarking is required on the paper. The sheet size must not exceed 8.5 x 11 inches.
  3. The digital version must exactly match the printed version.
  4. If you require binding the abstract, please check with the department.
  5. Most universities will accept copies bound that are oversewn.
  6. On the front cover, include your dissertation title and your full name
  7. Your last name and the thesis title must appear on the spines.

There are very few formatting guidelines for images and photos when it comes to thesis writing. It is enough to ensure that the images are clear and printed at the best quality possible. Except where you have agreed to a different language with your department or committee, all dissertations must be written in English. Every department has its own bibliography, citations and footnotes requirements. Before you begin working on your thesis, make sure they have a copy. Your department may be able provide a complete thesis guide.

Style guides for students working on their dissertation

It is a good idea to obtain the style guide for the format you will be writing your dissertation in. It contains all of the necessary requirements and rules. While it won’t tell you what to write in your thesis or teach you how to format your dissertation according to academic standards, it will help you. These are the style guides that we recommend for students:

  1. Modern Language Association style sheet MLA-style papers
  2. Chicago Manual of Style: Chicago-style Dissertations
  3. American Psychological Association stylesheet for APA-style theses
  4. Turabian, Kate L. “A Manual for Writers”, for Turabian-style papers

It is possible to write a dissertation in a correct way, adhering to all formatting and style guidelines. It is important to take care and become familiar with the specific requirements for each style. You should also contact your department for the list of any special requirements. Most universities have different requirements regarding bibliography, citations and page numbers. Remember that the style guide is your friend from beginning to end!

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